About Us

We created Blueprints to be an advisory system for us; a way for us to gauge what our customers want. Products that will be featured in our Shop will always come from the Blueprints, meaning they are pre-approved by our customers. We want DeiDochi to be a brand built off of customer feedback. Our catalog will be full of products our customers approve of. We want to hear from you, so please reach out for recommendations, suggestions, comments, or concerns. Your input is the basis of this brand.

All of our clothes are handmade in Los Angeles. We designed the fit of each of our products, from our shirts to our pants, with precise body measurements to ensure that the fit is as close to perfect as possible. We have put a lot of effort into perfecting the details of our products. From the placement of labels and tags to the feel of our fabrics, everything was carefully thought out. 

Choices let's make the right ones, together!

Let's highlight your personality,

celebrate your differences,

create your special moments

and make you, one of a kind.

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